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Shaun Hogan's many achievements include:


  • Rocket motor case Design Engineer for America’s GPS global positioning system satellites.
  • Composite Cylinder VP of Engineering for EFIC high pressure gas cylinders - more than 250,000 built, zero failures.
  • Industry Pioneer in carbon fiber composite cylinders. 
    • First to complete testing and apply for US DOT approval. 
    • First to gain English and German approval.
  • Aerospace Engineering Director for EDO Fiber Science.
    • Led design & testing of products for aircraft and aerospace.
  • Expert in Government approvals for high pressure gas cylinders
    • USA, Canada, Germany, England, Japan, China, Korea, and elsewhere.
  • Factory start-up and technology transfer expert
    • Draeger, England
    • Asahi Seisakusho, Japan
    • BTIC, China
  • Proven, Safety First Designs
    • More than 100 pressure vessels designed and qualified
    • More than 500,000 built with zero field failures
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